0.20 UAH* per minute of telephone calls using SIP telephony, SIP trunking throughout Ukraine to all numbers, including mobile operators. An additional discount is provided for large traffic volumes.
* including VAT


IP telephony

– Fixed subscription fee for the phone and unlimited traffic within Odesa 88.57 UAH/month including VAT
-Calls within Ukraine to all landline and mobile numbers UAH 0.20 including VAT
– additional discount for large traffic volumes and number of lines.
SIP telephony is an efficient and cost-effective solution for a startup, as well as a practical option for organising and optimising business processes in the medium and large business segment, government organisations with numerous structural or separate divisions. The technology helps to conduct call analytics, improve the quality of customer service and business revenue.

Virtual PBX


Virtual PBX and telephony based on SIP trunking provide many opportunities for your business development: multi-channel numbers, call forwarding, call recording, voice messages, multi-level IVR – voice menu with call routing function, corporate telephony for remote office employees, the ability to create turnkey solutions such as a cloud contact centre, and more.

Stability of communication is ensured by multichannel: in case of damage to some numbers, communication will be maintained by automatically transferring calls to other lines.

Thanks to the capabilities of SIP trunking, you will connect your communications across channels and several offices into a single network, which will significantly increase the efficiency of your work in a rapidly changing market environment.

Is your company already thinking about switching to IP telephony? Then pay attention to the choice of equipment.

SIP telephony is based on equipment of your choice:

1. VoIP phone (Voice over IP).

2. Analogue phones connected to an IP gateway.

3. A PC or laptop with Internet access and a call application installed.

4. A smartphone (Android or iOS) with an integrated SIP application connected to the Internet.

All types of equipment can be used simultaneously, but it is important to note that a separate dedicated line is required for each phone and laptop or PC.

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