Internet for home


Internet for home

Subscribers are connected to the Internet via fiber-optic cable using the non-volatile GPON technology.
GPON offers high data transfer speeds, connection stability, low latency and high bandwidth even when multiple devices are connected simultaneously and large amounts of information are downloaded.

We provide comfortable use of online services (even in the absence of light):
- access speed up to 1 Gbps;
- video calls, mail and services without delays;
- a dedicated fiber-optic channel;
- fast access to international services.

MIRATEL has a 3-level, guaranteed power supply for its Internet nodes. Therefore, you only need to provide power to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) or ONU (Optical Network Unit) module, and - Enjoy your Internet!

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Прямий доступ до найбільших міжнародних точок обміну Інтернет трафіком
Гарантоване незалежне електроживлення Інтернет-вузлів
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