IP phone Panasonic KX-HDV100 Black

2 009 ₴

The Panasonic KX-HDV100 wired SIP phone combines all the benefits of HD VoIP calls with an optimal set of features and a competitive price.
The Panasonic KX-HDV100 wired SIP phone is an ideal and cost-effective solution for companies using Hosted and Open Source PBXs.

Features and specifications:

⦁ 2.3″ LCD display (132 x 64 pixel resolution)
⦁ HD-quality sound (G.722)
⦁ Support for Cyrillic alphabet
⦁ Broadsoft support (for the needs of IP telephony operators)
⦁ 1 SIP line
⦁ 1 Ethernet port (10/100 Base-TX)
⦁ 500-number directory
⦁ Support for three-way conference calls
⦁ Low power consumption in standby mode
⦁ XML application interface
⦁ 2 programmable buttons
⦁ Adjustable tilt angle
⦁ External power supply included in the scope of delivery