Router MikroTik hAP (RB951Ui-2nD)

1 719 ₴

The MikroTik hAP router is a compact device that will be an ideal solution for an apartment or small office, as with a small power of 160 milliwatts, the signal passes through 2-3 walls of concrete (of course, depending on the thickness), and the device can cover 3 or 4 rooms with a stable signal.
The product will help you create a wireless network with roaming. With this router, you and your clients will be able to use the network without breaking the connection when moving from room to room, as the switching between devices is fully automatic.


⦁ The router is small in size and will look good anywhere in your home or office, with wall mounting holes provided, so you can install it in almost any position.
⦁ The model has a USB 2.0 port and supports a wide range of USB modems.
⦁ Thanks to the built-in Router OS Level 4 licence, it can support up to 200 hotspot users and users connected via tunnel protocols.
⦁ High-powered processor.
⦁ Equipped with two internal Wi-Fi antennas, supports 802.11n standard, the radio module operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.
⦁ Power supply on the 5th port of the device.
⦁ Support for WPS with the button.