0.20 UAH* per minute of telephone calls using SIP telephony, SIP trunking throughout Ukraine to all numbers, including mobile operators. An additional discount is provided for large traffic volumes.
* including VAT


SIP telephony

  • – fixed monthly fee for a telephone and unlimited traffic within the city of Odesa 88.57 UAH/month including VAT;
  • – calls within Ukraine to all landline and mobile numbers UAH 0.20 including VAT.
  • – available wherever there is Internet;
  • – no need to purchase a separate device, you can use your personal smartphone (Android or iOS), or a PC or laptop with Internet access and an application installed for calls.

Advantages over messengers:

  • – calls can be made to all landline (city) and mobile phone numbers that are NOT connected to instant messengers and the Internet, and calls can be received from any device that is not connected to the Internet;
  • – the ability to use the phone number to connect security systems (burglar alarms, notifications, video surveillance).

SIP telephony


It is used for many purposes – audio and video conferencing, telephony, sending messages, etc.

It is important to note that a SIP number is not linked to a specific geographical location, but to a person. You will be in touch whenever and wherever there is an Internet connection.

Thus, SIP telephony is practical and economical.

To use SIP telephony, you need to make special settings, usually remotely, which saves time and money.

And we will be happy to help you with this


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