Subscriber optical network terminal GPON Huawei HG8120C

1369 ₴

Huawei HG8120C GPON subscriber terminal (ONU). The HG8120C GPON ONU features high-performance forwarding capabilities to provide superior performance for VoIP, Internet and HD video services. Hence, the HG8120C provides an ideal terminal solution and future-oriented services that support FTTH deployment opportunities.

⦁ Compliance with ITU-T G.984 GPON recommendations;
⦁ Class B+ optical power budget;
⦁ maximum upstream rate of 1.244 Gbps and downstream rate of 2.488 Gbps on a physical GPON;
⦁ GEM encapsulation mode;
⦁ 8 T-CONTs, up to 32 GEM ports;
⦁ GEM port for T-CONT comparison;
⦁ Multiple traffic display modes: – VLAN mapping to GEM port – PRI mapping to GEM port – Ethernet port mapping to GEM port – VLAN + PRI mapping to GEM port – Ethernet + VLAN mapping to GEM port – Ethernet + PRI mapping to GEM port – Ethernet + VLAN + PRI mapping to GEM port – IPToS mapping to GEM port
⦁ Dynamic bandwidth assignment (DBA);
⦁ Forward Error Correction (FEC) in both upstream and downstream directions;
⦁ Integrated OAM, Physical Layer OAM (PLOAM), and OMCI;
⦁ 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) downstream;
⦁ SN, password, and SN+password authentication modes;
⦁ ONT deactivation/activation and re-registration;
⦁ Loopback test based on the GEM port;