Vinga 30000 mAh QC3.0+PD 3 ports LCD metal Black

1 289 ₴

Vinga 30000 mAh QC3.0+PD uses the latest generation of lithium-polymer battery. It has a low self-discharge rate, excellent durability – up to 500 full charge cycles (with at least 70% of the original capacity). The charging time from zero to 100% from a standard charger will be about 5-6 hours, and with fast charging it will be twice as fast!

Input and output interfaces

This model has two input connectors:

  • Micro USB with an input voltage of 5V and a current of 2A
  • USB Type-C with support for the Power Delivery interface.

If the former is clear, then Power Delivery works in both directions, meaning that you can charge the power bank itself and charge your devices from it via the same USB Type-C connector. Moreover, all this can be done much faster than via standard Micro USB. The Power Delivery protocol allows you to get a charge power of up to 18W (9V-2A). This means that with the right charger, you can charge your UMB almost 2 times faster than with 2A charging (and 3.5 times faster than with standard 1A charging).